wget2002-04-21SSL Support for checking certificates received from the server.
wget 2002-01-24Initially implemented the support for IPv6.
CyrusIMAP2002-10-18Fixes to SASLAuthd to support more hashes and clean the code
dnotify 2003-11-08Speedup the code by using sigwaitinfo instead of pipes for communication.
PHPFreeChat2006-06-17File permissions and caching optimisations.
cDonkey c implentation of the donkey protocol.
Mentioned in "From Integrated Publication and Information Systems to Virtual Information and Knowledge Environments".
Spam-Milter2006-12-15sendmail filter for spam and using clamav as virus scanner. Last Version: Spam-Milter 2.0.0
SDLcam2007-10-08Implementation of image filters in fast asm implementation. SDLcam 0.8.2
Java 2015-04-26OCSP-Stapling
Java 2015-04-26Certificate Transparency
Java 2015-10-11CHACHA20_POLY1305
Java 2015-12-14Java tools for letsencrypt ca / acme-protocol.